Given our social climate, many of us are reluctant to give freely to charitable causes because of negative perceptions of charities and abuse of public trust by many NGOs.  This has led to a culture of giving only at special occasions (Christmas) or giving only those we can personally vouch for.

Many Nigerians prefer to give things instead of money, precisely because of this lack of trust.  Charities are inundated each Christmas and Easter with clothes, books, food, which are all very useful, but very little cash, which is especially needed.  The situation is worse for the rest of the year, when even the food and clothing donations dry up.


But what would happen if we could find a way for people to give the clothes and food and books while the charities still get the cash that they desperately need?  What would happen if we could gradually provide people with the data on charities they need to make informed decisions about who and what to support based of the effectiveness of that charity’s programs?

This is the gap that LAA seeks to bridge.  By creating a self-sustainable system of fund-raising, while at the same time ensuring transparency in the way we distribute the funds we raise, we hope to give people more confidence to give.

Support us today by simply donating any of your fabulous but unwanted clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories.